360MC -Flash Fiction // The Killing Moon

A short story inspired by one of my favourite songs – ‘The Killing moon’ by Echo and the bunnymen


The full moon was like a spotlight and I was centre stage. Beaming onto my glistening skin I could watch the trail of sweat leaving my pores and gliding down my nose as I tried to crawl into an imaginary hole away from him. He stood tall, a silhouette as black as the concrete floor and ran towards me again. There was no use in screaming or trying to run, the damage had already been done and I was certain this was it.

With one quick movement I was up and off the floor and in this monsters arms but I couldn’t see his face. My neck flopped behind me like a rag doll as his needle sharp teeth pierced through my skin. When you feel like it’s the end some people say you see your life flash before your eyes; I guess I was the exception as all I longed for was to see my memories rolling across my closed eyelids like an old movie reel but all I could see was nothing.

The killing moon was still blinding in the sky and I was alone. I stirred some and adjusted my eyes and suddenly I could sense the smell of the rain from hours before still fresh on the grass alongside the road. I could see every tiny crack and crevice indented into the concrete from years of tyres screeching but the most exciting of all I could feel warmth, I wasn’t cold anymore and I was hungry. Ravenous. In the distance a woman…maybe more, a group of people were laughing intoxicated and I felt my body urge itself from the ground to investigate.

Before I knew it, I was standing above them, fangs dripping, clumps of hair missing from my body and then I could see it – the killing moon, recruiting.


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