360MC // Research & Development // Lecture // Filmmaker as a Critical Thinker

What is a research-based practice?

  • importance of contextual research
  • recognition of your own place as a media producers in a quickly changing media landscape
  • understanding of the processual nature of an art work (meaning changes over time: found footage film)

Technology has agency – acting out events in front of the camera, for the camera = creating those events.

What is Medium Specificity?

Each medium should explore and experiment with the qualities exclusive to that medium. Each medium should maintain its purity and not borrow from other media – powerful and influential concept.

André Bazin on the ontology of film – earliest function of film was to document. (Nanook of the North)

André Bazin: photography freed painting from the need to represent (move away from realism towards…) – created abstract paintings

Film and a post-medium condition, film is now free from any responsibility to depict anything:

It’s costs and exclusivity allow makers to explore its expressive, pure qualities

Digital too over the function of mere recording (accessibility)

Super 8 footage creates a sense of memory, a collective memory.





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