R&D // FMP Pat Mitchell & Marvin Gaye Chetwynd // For Submission

Whilst looking into movements I came across two people Pat Mitchell and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

Pat Mitchell is well known in the media world for she is a CEO of PBS and former President of CNN Productions. She’s also an activists and focused her media career on forcing social change, with special emphasis on the representation of women’s voices and stories. She was a guest speaker in the Sundance Film Festival Special Entry “Miss Representation” opening the documentary with a quote “media is the message and the messenger and increasingly a powerful one” this is so important to remember when I am researching into my topic and why social media has such a huge impact on people. Jim Steyer once said that “if you think about media and technology, they’re delivering content that is shaping our society. They’re shaping our politics, they’re shaping our national discourse and most of all they’re shaping our childrens brains, lives and emotions.”

Jean Kilbourne is a author, film maker and speaker who is recognised for her work with women representation in the media and I came across and interview with her talking about women representation which I found really helpful when trying to understand the ways in which media warps peoples opinions on women:

We had a trip to the Tate Modern last year where I came across another artist, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, British artist known for her reworking of iconic moments from cultural history in improvised performances. I saw her piece called Hermitos Children (images below from iphone)img_1449img_1450

This piece really inspired me when I was initially brainstorming what I wanted my fmp to become. After further research I realised that Chetwynd hosted a workshop titled Female Sexuality in Media: Who Passes Judgement on Suitability. “This Film Has Not Been Rated”, which exposed the flaws in the film rating system, often unnecessarily censoring portrayals of female sexuality. This film served as inspiration for Marvin Gaye to create Hermitos Children in 2009, in which she wanted to see “what kind of freedom of expression she could get away with.” It’s this kind of work and expression of women in media that inspires to me create something that will provoke thought and the ideologies of social media today.


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