R&D // FMP CW2 // Website Designer Research // For Submission

First and foremost, I am no website designer. For project ‘Femme’ to be a success I’ll need to hire a website designer to help me. I’ve spent hours researching different designers and kept coming to the same dead end of dodgy websites, or web site designers who didn’t cover interactive designs that specified to my needs.

I gave up looking on generic website designer pages that were owned by a bigger company and started searching for freelance workers. I came across a designer named James Dowen based in Birmingham who has 6 years of work experience under his belt in web design. His website was very impressive, with interactive elements and a chat to speak to him directly.

We spoke for over an hour about what it is I was looking for and I gave him my examples, from the conversation we had it seems promising. There will be future emails and the finalising of prices and details but it seems like this is the designer for me.

Below is some examples of his previous work, his own website and a screenshot of our conversation:




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