#364MC // Professional Experience // Tutorial Documentation Form

364MC Tutorial Preparation Document

1.   Do you have a specific career in mind? If yes, what career?

If yes, what career? If no, what kind of careers are you considering?


Yes, the career I’d like to pursue would be that of Cinematography/DOP or Sound Assistant




2.   What research have you already carried out about this career?

List websites, books, primary research etc. and what you have found out.



I’ve been emailing lots of professional DOP’s and Cinematographers, yet to hear responses, but from what I’ve researched it’s something you have to practice very well and volunteer to help shoot films, get your portfolio large enough for people to notice you. Also have an eye for detail and an imagination for creative shots.




3.   How will your FMP further your career aims?

My FMP is somewhat experimental; I want to have an exhibition over documentary and short. I want to address social media and body image in my exhibition with video pieces and some photography images. I got inspired at the Tate when I saw a piece by Marvin Gaye Chetwood where they placed multiple TV screens showcasing human bodies in a carnivalesque performance based on a TV detective program. I believe it will further my career as it’s different to short film and documentary and explores more than just one medium with photography in there was well.





4.   Have you considered carrying out any work experience/placements during the year? If yes, what have you considered and how far down the line are you in arranging it?

I would love the opportunity to gain some more experience as I’ve not been able to gain any recently but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.




5. Are you on the Media Production Professional Experience Facebook space?
I am not and I can’t seem to find the page to join.



6. Have you registered with Creative Futures? If not, you must do it immediately.

Yes I have


7. Have you registered with Central Careers in the Hub?
I believe so


8. Have you had a one-to-one with them to discuss career options?
Not yet but will be planning to do so next week.


9. What portfolios have you seen/looked at and what techniques have you started to consider for your own portfolio? Provide URLs


I’ve looked at examples online and professional portfolios on professional cinematographer websites to consider in my own portfolio.




10. What professionals have you isolated as being useful for you to contact?

Provide name, role, organization and why they will be useful to you


I haven’t isolated any right now; I’ve just been emailing multiple contacts in hope of a reply.






11. What networks have you isolated as being useful for you to further your career? Provide URLs, when and where they meet/how they are accessed (if virtual networks) etc.








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