#364MC // Professional Practice Portfolio // Work Experience // ‘Sustain’ Final

The time has finally come where we wrap up on the set of ‘Sustain’. It has been one hell of a journey and I have learnt and experienced so much more than I ever thought I would. Three months of working 24 hour weekends in all weather conditions and till late hours and I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

‘Sustain’ was my first ever time on a real film set and also as Sound Assistant, before this I had only dabbled with Sound and kept myself to camera op but I’m so glad I challenged myself with Sound as it has quickly become something I am very passionate about and would love to pursue further in my journey as a media creative.

To say that this was easy would be false, to say it was extremely fun and rewarding would be more accurate. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever put myself through but it never felt like ‘work’ – around talented, fun, encouraging and enthusiastic individuals made every day feel like we was just kids making home movies with a lot better equipment.

From this experience I have come to understand that to make a master piece you need a lot of hands and creative vision – each persons opinion and talent was put to good use and learning how each person had a certain role which would overlap into other roles was exciting to see. Often on days we would have people helping Sound who usually work as First AD or even Editor. Everyone was knowledgeable in each area which I feel confident to say I am now too. I have mingled and experienced first had what it’s like to be a DoP, Editor, Director and so on and couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.

I have included some photos from our shoots and I can’t wait to work with these incredible artists in the future.

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360MC // Research & Development // Lecture // Filmmaker as a Critical Thinker

What is a research-based practice?

  • importance of contextual research
  • recognition of your own place as a media producers in a quickly changing media landscape
  • understanding of the processual nature of an art work (meaning changes over time: found footage film)

Technology has agency – acting out events in front of the camera, for the camera = creating those events.

What is Medium Specificity?

Each medium should explore and experiment with the qualities exclusive to that medium. Each medium should maintain its purity and not borrow from other media – powerful and influential concept.

André Bazin on the ontology of film – earliest function of film was to document. (Nanook of the North)

André Bazin: photography freed painting from the need to represent (move away from realism towards…) – created abstract paintings

Film and a post-medium condition, film is now free from any responsibility to depict anything:

It’s costs and exclusivity allow makers to explore its expressive, pure qualities

Digital too over the function of mere recording (accessibility)

Super 8 footage creates a sense of memory, a collective memory.